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Shane Ó Fearghail - They Might See Dolphins

Tallaght songwriter Shane Ó Fearghail has been based in Vienna for a few years now. He is a founding member of Vienna Songwriting Circle as well.
His latest album They Might See Dolphins is a collection of catchy and honest songs combined with an unmistakable voice. This recording proves to the listener the healing power of music.

If by nothing else, you instantly notice the origin of the singer by the lines "it would be ok to wake up here in Dublin".  There is certain nostalgy in this track and a glimpse of sadness at the same time, perhaps the feeling of missing home.

Elastic is an optimistic song that brings you joy and happiness. This song invites the listener to dream no matter how old you are. Dreams are something we all need in our lives because without it our world would be sad and just black and white. The lyrics show a perfect example of what Joni Mitchell captured  " what we do as songwriters is rhyming our lives".

Know where to start brings the melancholy back again. Gentle piano only captures the whole feel of the song. Shane's evocative vocal and powerful lyrics give you goosebumps when you hear " you built yourself walls so high and so tall and you've seen it all", describing a situation when your life has changed and now you are trying to deal with it and get used to new circumstances.

Gael (Stand up and Be Counted) really stands out on this album as a track where Shane seems to appeal to fellow Irishmen to unite and protect their heritage "no matter what they try to tell you there's no idol god left to pray to..."
Shane's voice resonates in this track much more than before, honesty is pouring from his heart ...

"...let love be your arrow, let lights light your way..."

Let's Leave Alone shows us again how beautiful Shane's voice is and you can feel all the emotions in there.

Faerie Tree is probably the most Irish-sounding song from the record. As well the intro as the opening phrases appear to be in Irish Gaelic. In this track we take Shane's hand and follow him to his homeland. As the title suggests, there is mystery and magic hidden in this world and Shane invites us to discover it.

If you haven't fallen in love with Ireland already, it will change after listening to this album. And Shane Ó Fearghail is the best person to guide you through the magic of the island.

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