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Seánie Bermingham - Songs in the Kitchen (single)

Emerging Irish Singer/Songwriter, Seánie Bermingham from Mullinahone, Co.Tipperary,  is set to release “Songs in the Kitchen.” This is the second and last single from his debut EP That Hollow Moon. He has had great success with the first single “Call the Coroner”, released last month, picking up features on Behind the Music on RTE Entertainment, 12 great new Irish songs you should hear this week on Nialler9, Track of the week on 7 Layers and KCLR 96FM, receiving plays on Dublin City FM, RTE 2XM, Highland Radio and Tipp Midwest Radio, write ups in the Nationalist newspaper and IMRO, and has received much support from highly successful YouTubers Alex Rainbird (1.2m Subscribers) and Indie Folk Central (203k Subscribers.) 

The four track EP was produced and recorded in its entirety by Seánie, mixed by Cian Hamilton in Middle Ridge Studios, California and mastered by Richard Dowling. Seánie is a folk artist from South Tipperary whose songwriting style is marked by thematically dense lyricism and intricate acoustic melodies. He recently shared the stage with Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny and Ye Vagabonds at the Pilgrims and Players Festival in Kilkenny and supported Gary O’Neill in The Workman’s Cellar. 

Seánie started songwriting and live performing in his early teens, performing with friends at home in Mullinahone and with Tipperary band We Looked Like Giants. Throughout these years, he continued to cultivate his playing technique, resulting in a musician who is able to captivate and draw in the listener on every song with interesting and engaging melodies on guitar, bouzouki, or whatever he happens to have to hand. About the new single, he says: "Songs in the Kitchen” is both a letter to myself and to someone that was once very important to me. The time in each other's company was short, but shaking the memory of her was not. I never shared my feelings and as time went on, the moment to do so had passed. I wrote this song when I had accepted that she would never hear all of the things I had wanted to say. 

The cover art is a photograph I took at the River Anner on the farm where I grew up in Mullinahone, Co.Tipperary on 35mm. In between my breaks from recording the EP, I would take photos as I walked the forest road. This particular stretch is my favourite. The tunnel of trees ends at the Anner and on a good day the sunshine bounces off the water. This was one of those good days. Songs in the kitchen comes out on the 28th of October. It would be my Grandmother’s 101st birthday, and also the first birthday that she will not be with us. Nanny passed away peacefully at home over the summer. Throughout the recording process, she was always ready and waiting by the fire for a chat in the morning before I started and in the evening after I finished. This song is dedicated to her. Thanks for everything, Nanny."

Evocative track full of love and nostalgia, with undeniable sadness, the simple arrangement enhances the intimate vibe, making the emotions pouring through. Don't be surprised if there's something in your eye in the end...

"In their millions, I hear the birds sing
With a beat and a tune
But I think that my ears are just doing what my eyes like to do"

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