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Seán Fox - Orchestra of Sound (single)

Seán Fox is a 21 year-old singer/songwriter from Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland. He began writing at the age of 10 and has spent the last 12 years honing his craft. In 2015 Seán's song Burning In Fire was chosen by Music Generation Wicklow to be recorded on The Lennon Bus when it visited County Wicklow. Seán started to make a name for himself in 2019 which saw him share the stage with Aslan and Jerry Fish. The highlight for 2019 was opening for Aslan in front of a sold-out crowd in The National Opera House. 2019 also saw Seán release his second single Open Road which got airplay on numerous local radio stations including KCLR, Phoenix FM, East Coast FM and many more.

In 2020 Seán teamed up with some fellow musicians to form The Decades. Their intention was to put on an Irish Tour and break onto the Irish Festival scene. COVID 19 hijacked their plans so instead they turned to the studio and recorded Electricity. Seán recorded and produced the single under his own label Fox Sound Productions. Electricity was released October 31st and went straight into the overall Irish iTunes Chart at NO 1. By the end of the week, they were number 20 in the Official Irish Home-Grown Chart Electricity was playlisted on RTE2XM as well Classic Hits FM, KCLR, East Coast and many more.

Over the years and pre covid Seán has played support for Aslan on numerous occasions including sold out shows in The National Opera House and The Amber Springs Hotel. Seán is once again back on the live scene, with shows lined up in The Workman’s Club and Whelan’s. Seán will be opening once again for Aslan in The Amber Springs. When not performing solo as singer songwriter Seán can be found fronting indie rock band The Decades. The Decades released Electricity in 2020 and managed to reach number 20 in the Official Irish Chart. Seán’s previous releases have had airplay on numerous stations including RTE 2XM, Classic Hits, KCLR and East Coast FM.

Orchestra Of Sound is best described as an upbeat pop song/indie rock. The song describes the impact one person can have on all aspects of your life both positive and negative. Seán demonstrates his ability as a multi-instrumentalist and producer having played all the instruments as well as mixing and producing the track in his own studio.

Seán played Orchestra Of Sound as part of his set while opening for Aslan at a sold-out show in February. The song went down exceptionally well with audience members asking when it would be released all throughout the evening. Seán says the audience reaction has been amazing and he cannot wait to see how Orchestra Of Sound performs when released.

The song has a mellow, quite vintage sound and Fox's vocal is floating above. There's positivity pouring out of the lyrics that motivates the listener that the good and the bad is all part of life and you can deal with both with the bright outlook on life.

"little bit of wine in a little cup

a broken house but we built it up

like we always do"

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