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Scullion - Time Has Made a Change in Me

Formed in the mid-1970’s, Scullion are revered and feted as one of Ireland’s most innovative, original and brilliant live bands. Headed by Philip King, Sonny Condell, and Robbie Overson, their new record emphasises the band's musical curiosity and like all of the band records, it breaks new ground. Hear guest performances from Crash Ensemble, Conor O’Brien (Villagers), and Gemma Doherty (Saint Sister) throughout these songs. James Joyce, Bob Dylan and Sufjan Stevens are also woven into the DNA of this record, with the inspirational music of Sonny beating at the heart of the thing. The album was produced by Leon O’Neill and recorded by David Anthony Curley at The Clinic Dublin. Additional recording by Sonny Condell, Leon O’Neill, Conor O’Brien & Eugene Wogan.

For 2 years we isolated from each other. Many were anxious and alone. Throughout these lonesome days, music and songs were a salve and an inspiration. During this time, Scullion recorded an uplifting and inspirational collection of songs for the head and heart and will take to the highway, collapse distance and bring us back together in the halls, front rooms, back rooms and bar rooms of Ireland.

Speaking of the album’s title track, ‘Time Has Made a Change in Me’, Sonny Condell says “I first came across this song on the radio, it was a version by Lucy Simpson and friends. According to some brief research the composer was Harkins Freye. It was probably first recorded in the 1920. Time defeats us all in the end, but this song makes that certainty seem somehow up-lifting.”

Inspired by the words of Walt Whitman, Scullion take to the open road this month with their new album. ‘Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road, Healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.’

Philip King of Scullion says “Songs shift, change shape and come alive in magical ways when shared live. The electricity generated is palpable and energising. To head out on the road with these songs this month, bring them to life and share them with audiences around the country is a real delight. Can’t wait.”

There is almost a myth surrounding Scullion. A band that has been on the scene for many years enchanting audiences. And the new album is no exception. They even included a few covers into the tracklist, The National's I Need My Girl and Sufjan Stevens' No Shade in The Shadow of the Cross.  Philip King shows, especially in the latter, why he is so respected and so well regarded not only as a musician but as an orator in general. There's something comforting in his soft voice that wraps around you as a protection from the outside world. Glen Hansard once said that King is " the way of speaking and the way of being that I find very inspiring"

All the bells in Spain is a warm, loving celebration of a daughter's wedding and you can hear the raw expression of  father's love throughout.

The sense of nostalgy is omnipresent on this album. Given the album title, makes you realize how poignant and true is that. Time changes us all, it marches on and never stops, with or without us. Scullion don't need to prove anything to anybody but this album just cements their status of Ireland's living legends, as good as ever.


Nov 18th – Siamsa Tíre, Kerry

Photo: Rich Gilligan

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