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Ryders Blü - As Long As I've Got You Babe (single)

Ryders Blü is an Indie Pop band based in Newbridge, Kildare. The band consists of two members: PJ O’Neill on guitar and vocals, And Jake Carrick on drums. Over the past year the two musicians delved into the world of recording music and production. While their methods aren’t necessarily “by the book,” The band finally has creative control of their music and how it sounds. The two members of the band use music as an escape. After being introduced to the music industry at the ages of 12 and 13, the two boys knew what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. The band is currently focusing on making music that means something while at the same time is easily digestible with catchy melodies and clean production.

“We met at this thing called ‘The Community Games’,” PJ O’Neill, guitarist and vocalist vaguely recalls. Jake Carrick, drummer, pipes up with a smile to help him, “Yes! The Community Games. They said – here’s a bunch of kids who can play music. Pitch them against each other.” Since meeting at twelve years old each at a gig nearly a decade ago, the pair have gone on to learn to create  indie pop – As Long As I Got You Babeis an unabashed piece of pure escapism. Perfect for pushing through the final dregs of winter, O’Neill puts it like this. “For right now… we’re writing really happy pop music. To escape the… mundanity of what life can be like. That’s the first act for our project. The second act… well you’ll just have to wait and see.”

The words that formed the title of the song are being repeated over and over throughout the track and it's so simple and catchy that it stucks in your head. And the rhytm guiding us through the track will have your head banging along. The lyrics deal with a typical theme for these kind of songs - love and relationship. You can feel the joy the singer expresses, the joy of having that special someone.

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