Music from the Heart

RUNOFFBROKE - Wish You Knew (single)

Runoffbroke, formerly known as Jordan Wilson,  is a 21 year old hip hop artist from Dublin, Ireland, who has been releasing songs for a number of years.
Playing his first gig at 13 at The Twisted Pepper with the underground label Mic-A-Blaze Records. Jordan carried on to work with multiple Irish groups before making his way to Germany to work with Citizen Soldier Entertainment. He has played gigs in a wide range of countries. Among others a gig in LA in 2014 and an 18 day Germany tour in 2017, supporting Infidelix alongside Papke.

You can notice hints of soul in Runoffbroke's voice in the opening lines. He describes the track as being about "A toxic relationship that you are happy to be in."

The rhytm is catchy, lyrics are deep and direct,cutting to the core. Lines like "we fight cause of my mess I simmer down from the pot then we make up" resonate with many listeners as we all know these situations. This young man truly has a way with words. Beats with outworldly soundscapes create something you'll remember. He delivers his signature quick words with confidence, honesty pouring out from all angles. "I just want you to be real" strikes a chord each time we hear it.

Wish You Knew is a welcome addition to this website, something we don't usually cover but when  we do it has to have resonance and this track surely has just that. We can expect big things from Runoffbroke in the future.


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