Music from the Heart

RUNAH - Strange

Do you believe in magic, in supernatural, in things that are hard to explained and often cannot be explained? Well, after listening to RUNAH, ambient folk artist based between Manchester and Dublin, you certainly will. There's something in her voice and the whole delivery of the songs that will get into you and you'll feel enchanted without even realizing it. Strange is her debut album, released through Beardfire Music.

Starting with Winter, Runah comes with an ethereal offering that takes us to another world, the world of fairies and witches. You instantly feel she's putting some kind of spell on you with her haunting vocal that sounds both comforting and demanding. The song is buidling up slowly towards an epic finale.

Shame brings the vibe of a ritual into play and it all goes together with powerful chorus line " they cover up their bodies out of shame. " There is a fire ceremony playing before your eyes as the song unfolds. The song has a dark aura about it but the darkness seems to be a friend here, not the enemy.

Ground could be considered a highlight on the album. Written from a point of view of a dead and already buried person who finds himself in between the two worlds, it gives you goosebumps and plays with your imagination. Could you even imagine what it would be like to stay between life and death? Not a pleasant idea for most. The vocals are somehow distant in some parts of the songs and this creates really dark atmosphere.

"...I'd like to stay with the living but I like to roam..."

Lost is another track that doesn't leave you still but keeps your heart beating fast and your mind anxious of what's this all about...There's a sense of urgency, a call to action.

Runah really hit the nail on the head by calling her debut album the way she did.  Crossing boundaries, offering the dark, sometimes unsettling stuff, she enjoys being different and to pave the way in her own manner. We can only say fair play as this is never easy. But is there a better way of expressing your true self than through your art?

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