Music from the Heart

RUE - Call on Me (single)

Upcoming indie/pop singer-songwriter RUE can be described to be angelic, edgy yet soulful, all at once. Coming from a small village in Northern Ireland, Rue songs are created from an honest place of raw emotion. Singing with a serene and calming tone, her unique tone and light-hearted charm will have you captured immediately.

Having had much success online and previously being crowned Belfast’s singer songwriter of the year emerging artist RUE promises to be “One to watch” RUE speaks of how most of her early musical experiences took place at home with her family. Her Mother, father and brother are musicians—her mom sang, and her grandfather, a guitarist and vocalist who performed classics, encouraged the family to sing with him.

It was very normal for all of us to be together in a room, playing instruments and singing together. My love for music comes from my family.”

Rue is set to play her headline show next month in The Sound House on Sunday 28th August.

Her new single "Call On Me"  starts on an atmospheric, melancholic note. Her voice is gentle, consoling but you sense a power throughout as well. She unleashes the whole potential of her vocal in the chorus, advising us to call if we feel it.

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