Music from the Heart

Ruby Moss - We Can Change (single)

Ruby is 14 and based in Dublin/Dundalk. She is originally from Trim but attended St Patrick's Cathedral Choir School which is where she discovered her voice and love of singing.  Ruby has always been a writer with a great imagination and her songwriting began in earnest when schools closed and she had more time at home. Ruby is currently organ scholar in Dundalk Grammar School and also plays piano (grade 6), flute (grade 4), guitar and button accordion.  She has just been accepted on to the Creative Lab programme with the National Concert Hall and will be included in the New Music Festival in Dublin next spring.
"We Can Change" is the third part of her "Climate Change" trilogy and it's probably the most upbeat yet most urgent one. When a 14 year old feels the importance of this issue to the point she writes not one but several pieces about the subject, you know it matters. Not only to her but it should matter to us all because we are all living on this constantly changing planet. The song isn't a gentle composition anymore, it's a solid piano-driven rock number with haunting vocals. The message is simple "the future lies in our hands".
"Earth is falling apart right here right now
It's falling apart because of us
Creatures die every day, innocent creatures
Creatures are killed because of us"

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