Music from the Heart

Rox Diamond - Let The Music Do The Talkin'

Rox Diamond is a band that was originally formed in 1985, with the name Casanova back then. The band recorded a few songs and started performing live but when they signed a record deal, the band name had to be changed due to the fact there already was a band by the name of Casanova. That is how Rox Diamond was born.

The debut album was released in 1991 but shortly after that the band broke up and their members went their separate ways. In 2005 Paul Daniels (vocals/keyboards) re-released the debut album as well as new material.The band was re-united in 2007 and released a live DVD in 2010.

The songs have strong melodies that present the foundation of what the band is producing. The opening track Savannah Blue is based on guitar riffs and this element is sort of a signature mark of the band. The lead singer's vocal is smooth but full of passion, exactly what every fan loves of melodic rock loves.

After a while the listener gets the impression that all the songs sound the same, there's no big difference. Maybe a change in theme for a song or two wouldn't be a bad idea. Simple lines about love and relationships are really outplayed by the melodic part.

These tunes their place somewhere in the back of your head and when they are re-discovered, you feel like going back in time, memories of your own past are back again.

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