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Rowlette & Shane Steven - Coffee Hill sessions (single)

Rowlette is an indie-pop artist, hailing from Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland. As a solo performer with an acoustic guitar, she is known for her powerful vocals, inspirational lyrics and captivating performances. Rowlette’s releases have received radio play on stations across the country, and racked up tens of thousands of plays on Spotify. Well known on the Irish live scene, Rowlette performed a packed-out headliner in Crowbar last Autumn. She then proceeded to join Jack L on his latest tour, performing in venues across the country, including a solo set in Cork Opera House on New Years Eve. Following the success of her track “Letters”, Rowlette is releasing two live tracks “Runaway” and “Nostalgic” with Shane Steven. They met in BIMM (contemporary music college) and have stayed good friends. The tracks are performed in Coffee Hill studios.

Speaking on why they are releasing the tracks now, the pair say they want to bring a sense of “the live” back to their music. “While we don’t get to play together often, we both adore the art of playing live” explains Shane, “and really miss it.  Sharing this is the closest thing we can get to it for a while, so we thought why not!”

Runaway is an easy listening, chilled out track, with the guitar and whistling reflecting the day-dreaming elements of the song.  Interestingly, despite their titles, the sense of urgency sits with “Nostalgic” as opposed to “Runaway”, creating a tension between the two.

Nostalgic is an upbeat, pop-funk fusion. Shane delivers playful harmonies and dotted rhythm throughout and Rowlette lends her expressive vocals, with the two intertwining dynamically.

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