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Rónán Ó Snodaigh feat.Indistinct Chatter - Ar Ár Son (On Our Behalf) (single)

When two giants of the Irish creativity join forces, you can expect the unexpected, witness the unseen, unearth the feelings burried deep down. Be enchanted. And this is exactly what happens when Rónán Ó Snódaigh, frontman of renowned band Kíla teams up with Myles O'Reilly aka Indistinct Chatter, filmmaker and musician well regarded basically for everything he does. You can be sure that whatever he does receives rave reviews and the collaboration with Ó Snodaigh is no exception.

Ar Ár Son (On Our Behalf) is the second single from the forthcoming album " Tá Go Maith", to be released on August 5th and produced by Myles O'Reilly.

Remembering to be grateful. “It’s not finding gratitude that matters most; it’s remembering to look in the first place. Sometimes life lands a really mean punch in the gut and it feels like there’s nothing to be grateful for. Guess what? It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to find anything. It’s the searching that counts”.

Kíla frontman Rónán Ó Snodaigh recalls a valuable lesson learned in the pandemic lockdown. “Gratefulness doesn’t just make you happy — it creates a positive feedback loop in your relationships. So express that gratitude to the people you care about.” It was in the soil of this powerful sentiment that ‘Tá Go Maith’, a collection of new solo works, began to propagate. In a spur of the moment decision informed by another valuable lesson learned in lockdown, that isolation and a generosity of time can do much to fuel the creative mind, Rónán Ó Snodaigh and Myles O'Reilly filled a car with musical instruments and decamped to a remote cottage, ‘Shell Cottage’ in Maynooth. Bringing with him a canon of new lyrics, inspired by deep and newfound connections with time, place, family, friends and… gratitude, Rónán found a nest in O'Reilly's minimal ambient textures, to lay some musical ideas. In the ethereal sound grown to characterise Myles ambient music moniker [Indistinct Chatter], songs were hatched.

As soon as Ar Ár Son starts, you're transported. Ó Snodaigh's Gaelic lyrics, delivered by the trademark velvet vocal, take you to the ancient land of the ancestors and the ambient sounds provided by Indistinct Chatter are hypnotic, healing, mystical. Ó Snodaigh's vocal is like a balm that protects. Close your eyes, concentrate on your own heartbeat and let the magic created by these two connect with your soul.

Video: Myles O'Reilly

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