Music from the Heart

Robert O'Connor - Real Good Fight (single)

Robert O'Connor is a singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland, who returned to the songwriting scene in 2018 after five year hiatus during which he worked as a journalist for various lifestyle titles. The sacrificies paid off and his threee singles released in 2018 received a great radio support on both sides of the Atlantic which is pretty unusual for an unsigned artist without a manager. Each of those singles showed different side of O'Connor and the latest, Real Good Fight, continues the trend.

"It's about how you don't ask yourself "am I happy " and then you find real happiness and you realize I wasn't happy at all, I was just sleepwalking in life," Robert explains.

The song has a strong pop feel and powerful lyrics that so many of us can certainly relate to

"But I know that in the universe

There’s a bigger plan for me

And sometimes I feel just like I’m cursed

But I’m not the only man to ever

Question my worth..."

It maybe a cliché that life's too short but songs like this make you reflect on your life and ask yourself if this life you're living is the one you really want. Never too late to pursue your happiness. We need more songs like this to remind us we should live our lives and not somebody else's.


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