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Robb Murphy - Choose Your World (single)

Belfast’s Robb Murphy brings his devilishly sexy signature style to all of his adventures in the music scene. He is an Irish singer-songwriter whose journey has taken him far and wide to hone his craft as a master storyteller. Robb’s solo career began with the recording of his internationally acclaimed debut album Take A Stand, officially released in April 2012. His 2nd studio album, Sleep Tonight launched in March of 2015 and has kept him busy with radio, TV and live performances. Recent successes include a variety of sessions, festivals and competitions; 4 successful tours of The Netherlands, a feature on BBC Two, The Arts Show and appearances at the Belfast-Nashville Songwriters Festival to name a few.

New single Choose Your World starts with crystal clear guitar strumming before the tracks turns into an upbeat piece dominated by drums and electric guitar. Murphy's soft yet confident vocal is delivering powerful positive lines about freedom, being determined to live the life you want and not letting anybody tell you what to do or how to live. Something that will without doubt resonate with so many people since we are all subjected to expectations and it's up to us how we deal with it. And we shouldn't let the negative thoughts and attitude ruin who we truly are. In the end, nobody else is going to live our life and we should live to be happy with ourselves. Especially in current circumstances, these optimistic words and vibes are needed more than ever. Get them in your head and make them your mantra!

"nothing is broken, everything's open, it's just a choice of words"

"nothing can get me down"


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