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Robb Murphy - A Brand New Life (single)

Belfast’s Robb Murphy brings his devilishly sexy signature style to all of his adventures in the music scene. He is an Irish singer-songwriter whose journey has taken him far and wide to hone his craft as a master storyteller. Robb’s solo career began with the recording of his internationally acclaimed debut album Take A Stand, officially released in April 2012. His 2nd studio album, Sleep Tonight launched in March of 2015 and has kept him busy with radio, TV and live performances. Recent successes include a variety of sessions, festivals and competitions; 4 successful tours of The Netherlands, a feature on BBC Two, The Arts Show and appearances at the Belfast-Nashville Songwriters Festival to name a few.  Like many others, Robb Murphy released a Christmas single and entitled his A Brand New Life.

The song starts tenderly with the piano and Murphy's warm vocal. It brings hope, expresses joy, expectation and also some hidden fear that goes along when you love someone. The dynamic picks up a bit in the chorus when the drums join in but the love pouring out of every word remains. Join Robb as he reflects on the reason for the season, the trials of the past year and the anticipation of the birth of his daughter, Imogen Alena Murphy, born in November 2020. A Brand New Life rejoices as a new life begins and Robb focuses on all of the good that can come from a difficult situation. As an extra Robb also created a music box version of the song. He shows his qualities as a writer yet again and we chose a few lines below. It's a celebration of love,family and all the good things to come.

"We get better, we're stronger together, no one gets left behind"

"out of the circumstance comes a new romance, change will make us grow"


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