Music from the Heart

Rob Vickers - Best Days of Our Lives (single)

Rob Vickers is no stranger to a stage and with over 25 years as an Irish & international singer he has the reputation and showmanship to back up that statement. His new single Best Days Of Our Lives is a reflective look back on youth & nostalgia and maybe a little insight into a young wide eyed 17 year old singer and dreamer from the small town of Wicklow getting swept up in the exciting Irish pub and club rock scene with late nights performing and the long journeys to the next venue. He  wanted to give the song that stadium anthem sound. It’s what the song deserved as it went from concept to reality.

Right from the first chord the song feels big, full of energy and Rob Vickers did the right thing in trusting his insticts which direction this song should take.  His passion is clear not only from the overall vibe of the track but also from the lyrics.  Vickers acknowledges his heroes in the song too, mentioning Thin Lizzy in the opening line. Music  is the destiny for those who get in and once you enter, there is no way back, you are forever in love.

"it was the best days of our lives, if I could go back I'd live it twice"

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