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Revlin Project - Trascender

REVLIN PROJECT is a Hard Rock/Melodic Rock band from Peru, formed by Nilver Pérez in 2015. In 2016 the band made its debut in Bogotá - Colombia. The following year they published their EP album called "DIMENSION", in which musicians from several countries participated: Peru, Colombia, Brazil and Spain. The band was recognized in several countries within the TOP 10 of the best  releases of 2017. As well, the band had presence in the media of Italy, Spain, Japan, Germany, USA, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico: - 300 Best Latin American Albums. - Best Rock album in Spanish (Argentina) - Top 10 in magazines and blogs in countries like Greece, Spain and Belgium. The song "Take Me To You" was recognized in Peru as the best song of 2017, and The Best Song on the EP by several critics of national and international media.

The opening track World Within give an insight to what to expect from this collection of songs. Right from the start, there is a full force thrown into the song, the electric guitar riffs will surely stick in your head afterwards. The overall vibe of this track takes us back to the 80s and some of the classic movies come to mind as a great platform for this kind of music.

Live Again carries the same nostalgic vibe yet the dynamic is a bit different in the verses and then picks up in the chorus where the energy can be truly felt. The lead singer's vocal is powerful with a good range and what's another good sign is his diction is clear so the listener knows what the songs are about. Not typical for the genre yet certainly a plus when it happens. Most of the songs deal with love in various shades and forms, not that much the happy one though.

Restless summs up everything mentioned above, not only it has everything a true melodic rock fan is looking for but if there is a song that could represent the travel in time into the 80s, it would be this one.

The start of Face to Face has a darker, almost devilish vibe, due to the vocal expression yet it's because of it the song becomes even more attractive. There are probably the best solos from the whole album.

Peru is definitely quite exotic when it comes to rock music but that doesn't mean there cannot be quality. And Revlin Project prove just that.

Front Cover & Layout: Mark Astorga, Jimmy Carlos Postigo, Leandro Huergo

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