Music from the Heart

Reality Suite - Awaken

There are very few female vocalists in rock music who really get your attention. Of course, there are likes of Amy Lee of Evanescence or the late Dolores O'Riordan coming to your mind when you think about it but then there are surprises. Kimmii Heart of Reality Suite is one of them. An incredibly powerful vocal that goes perfectly together with chosen genre, the singer has a great diction so you understand what she says and that's not always the case these days. Formed in 2009 in North Haledon, New Jersey by childhood friends Brian King (drums,) Antonio Valenti (bass,) and Joe Padula (guitars) – their ambitions have been to produce heavy, melodic rock. After several male and female vocalists, Kimmii Heart had joined in 2013 establishing the definitive line-up known today worldwide.

The lyrics are intense and personal, trying to send a message to the listeners. A true breath of fresh air in melodic rock where most bands are concentrating on the music and the lyrics are often left behind. 

Dead To Me is without doubt one of the highlights on this collectioin. The vocal demands attention from start to finish and the drums just add to the whole feel of the song. There's certain aura about the song, aura of resentment or simply being fed up with the relationship and not wanting anything to do with the person anymore. It's not a sad song, it's more like let's move on song.

Wrong With Me is another example of a powerful song that has something to say. The singer is not just crying over a finished relationship or anything like that, she's mostly wondering what happened that she feels the way she does. The guitar riffs in this song get  your ears right away, the whole song is catchy but not too simple.

This album is a real treat for all the rock music lovers out there who also like lyrics with meaning.

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