Music from the Heart

Rain Or Shine - Seize The Night

Rain Or Shine is a promising melodic hard rock band from Greece, which was formed in 2013 by Steve S.R. and Andy R. McCormick .Steve is a musician, producer and sound engineer and Andy is a drummer and percussionist.
The album Seize the Night was released digitally on Bandcamp in 2014. 2016 saw them writing songs for their second album and signing with Lions Pride Music for the physical release of their debut album.

The opening track Fool's Paradise features some cool guitar riffs and passionate vocal.

Believe is one of the highlights on the album. A  powerful ballad full of positivity ("love will get you a shelter from the pain when the storm begins to grow") that delivers the message according the old proverb " every cloud has a silver lining."

Don't Go slows the overall tempo down a bit and changes the mood. Exactly that kind of song that makes you stop for a while and pay attention to lyrics. There have been tons of songs written about breakups-  maybe because it's easier to write such songs when you're down - but this one contains just the perfect portion of sadness and hope.

Don't Give Up is a beautiful mostly piano ballad that maintains the spirit of positivity and encouragement telling us we shouldn't look back but look ahead instead and follow our dreams. And let's face it - we all have dreams and fears and we all need someone who stands by our side no matter what and pushes us forward.

These songs are so catchy that you get hooked immediately. You simply can't sit still when you listen to the melodies that make every bone of your body dance along. All the instruments are well balanced and the lead vocal stands above it all. Effortlessly, like it has always been there.

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