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Rachel Mae Hannon - Breathe (single)

Soulful vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer from Monaghan, Rachel Mae Hannon is releasing her electro pop/ neo-soul tune 'Breathe' .The low range of her vocals and her eloquent use of harmonies as well as instrumentation gives her a distinctive soul pop sound.
About ‘Breathe’ Hannon says "It's about taking a moment to step back and managing anxieties towards the end of a frustrating relationship I had. ‘Breathe’ was a collaboration with producer 1000 Beasts. When he first sent me the instrumental, the main vocal hook ‘Breathe Deep’ naturally came out. I recorded the vocals in my small bedroom in Dublin during the first lockdown of the pandemic. The claustrophobic feel of my room, the lockdown restrictions, and my sentiments towards the relationship itself all inspired the lyrics."
This year has been an exciting one for Rachel as she has not only supported HAIM at the Trinity Summer Series, Tom Odell in The 3Olympia, and Eloise in The Sugar Club, she has also played the main stage at Sea Sessions 2022, Kaleidoscope 2022, Indiependence 2022 and We’ve Only Just Begun 2022. Rachel also recently dueted with Danny O’Reilly from The Coronas as part of RTÉ’s The Main Stage, ‘Unseen Songs’. 
Rachel also played Electric Picnic 2022 on the Mind and Body Main Stage. MCD presents Rachel Mae Hannon’s next headline gig which will take place on the 1st of October in Workman’s. Tickets here
Breathe is a soulful track where Hannon shows her vocal and emotional potential. Combined with atmospheric vibes and beat, slightly laced with jazzy undertones, this is a track suitable for a lte night club night. There is a meaning behind the lyrics, power and depth in the vocals make you pay attention to what Hannon sings about. Don't we all have moments when we just need to "breathe"?
"I used to see a future now I’m unsure
I think you scarred me I don’t know what for

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