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Rachel Greene - Without You (single)

Without You is the debut single by singer/songwriter Rachel Greene from Clondalkin, Dublin. The song was written by Keith McLoughlin and Gillian Tuite and recorded at Beardfire Music Production Studio & Label. The song is about losing a loved one and dealing with life after they are gone. Keith McLoughlin had written lyrics and recorded a melody on his phone and teamed up with singer/songwriter Gillian Tuite to add her songwriting skills to the track. Keith then got in touch with Rachel Greene to come on board to sing and perform on the song. Rachel is currently studying music at Maynooth University. In the past she has performed in many venues including The Grand Social, The International Bar, played at Clondalkin Festival, Busker Fleadh, YouBloom, and won Teenstars back in 2016. Rachel’s influences include Alanis Morissette, Ed Sheeran, Gabrielle Aplin, Glen Hansard, Joni Mitchell and Passenger.

The somber tone is evident evident even from the melody. The gentle guitar with the melancholic piano set up the atmosphere for Rachel Greene's vocal. She's a good singer, showing her abilities throughout the song. Expressing the most private feelings hidden deep inside. Anybody who has lost somebody will be moved by the lyrics. Simple, raw, heartfelt. Greene delivers the song in a touching way, the pain is present all the way and listening  may get quite unbearable if you're not in a good place. There's heartbreak, love, hope. The sadness never really goes away. It becomes part of your being, easier with the time yet the void will always remain.

"You appeared in my dream
Told me to look after everyone
You said you’re still here
Even though I can’t see you"

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