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Rachel Grace - Rough Patch (single)

Rachel Grace has quietly established herself as one of Ireland’s most promising songwriters, and at only twenty years of age. Her music is a melting pot of soul and pop with a vocal style that captures the mood of generations past, echoing the soulful voices of artists like Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse and Eva Cassidy. Having been writing and performing in the music scene from the age of twelve, she has played some of Ireland’s favourite venues and festivals and supported acts such as Gavin James, Paddy Casey and Wallis Bird.

Her last single ‘Cry Me An Ocean’ was a hit with both audiences and airwaves, placing on the RTE Recommends List and earning her a place on Irish Jam’s Top 10 Artists under 21 List. She is currently in the process of recording her debut album, set for release next year.

Steeped in the organic sounds of soul with raw and powerful vocals, Rough Patch is another well-crafted example of Rachel’s magnificent song writing.With smooth grooves and a luscious full band texture throughout, Rachel takes us on a captivating journey of realisation that a relationship isn’t going through a tough time, but is reaching its end completely. It was produced by Gavin Glass in Orphan Recording Studios.

Bluesy piano and Grace's soulful vocal create a track that goes beneath the surface, penetrates the skin and touches the soul.  Both the song and the emotions within escalate in the chorus and everything calms down again for the last line of the song.

"stick and stones may break our bones but they're easier to see"

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