Music from the Heart

Rī Wolf - Strawberry Fields (EP)

Rī Wolf is now releasing his debut EP “Strawberry Fields”. This soulful South Texas storyteller has rolled out a project that is genuine and authentic to who he is as an artist. With a collection of songs that are influenced by the blues, soul and classic country, Wolf brings a contemporary vibe and melody that brings them into the modern age giving the listener something new but familiar all at the same time.

Slide has a gospel-ish vibe, the lyrics smell of romance and the melody is somewhat familiar, reminds you of something from the past but you cannot put your finger on it. Wolf's vocal embraces you like a warm blanket, gives you comfort and touches the emotions hidden deep down. The lyrics are gently laced with romance but what stucks in your mind afterwards is the heartwarming feeling that there's someone out there who cares...

The title track carries a mixture of darkness and the power of storytelling. You can notice the vast quantity of lyrics and Wolf's ability to smoothly sail through, without any hesitation nor mumbling, you clearly understand everything that's said. A key ingredience in a song of this kind.

With Kristen Rī Wolf shows his country streak to the listener. A track with a southern charm, the arrangement feels dark and nostalgic but the lyrics are filled with love and hope ("next time you're lonely, just put on this song"), building up to the heartwarming climax ("Kristen I'm finally home").

Each of the tracks in this collection could be classified into a different genre yet it all feels complete. If we mentioned gospel-ish vibe at the start, Sinner is a spiritual through and through. Takes you on a journey, perhaps to the mass deep in the south where you can sing along to these songs that will lift your soul and bring you joy.

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