Music from the Heart

Puddletown Suite No.3 - The Orphaned Choir (EP)

Puddletown Suite is a unique ensemble comprised of a rolling collective of artists who, over the last decade, have engaged with, performed and recorded a series of original songs and CDs. This latest EP (Suite No. 3) is brought to you by a collaboration of exceptionally talented musicians and singers from a variety of musical backgrounds.

These principally include the amazing vocals and subtle guitar skills of Declan Askin of Coda, the multi-instrumental wizardry of Eamonn Mulderrig  (percussion, organ, piano, bass and backing vocals) and Fintan Hanley (mandolin, banjo, electric and acoustic guitar), both members of Vickers Vimy, the exquisite vocal harmonies of Mary Greene of Greenshine with additional contributions by renowned classical musician Naomi Berril on cello, all Ireland champion musician, Joe McNulty on violin and the multi genre cellist from Arkansas, Alec Brown of the Emma Langford Band.

All songs were composed by Tom Hughes. These songs were produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Eamonn Mulderrig with a total commitment to the primacy of the song, combining an awesome forensic precision with a creative intuition for finding the inner heart of each song. John Hoban musician, songwriter and gifted mentor was involved in the original development process for all the songs that feature on this EP. The EP is comprised of a loose collection of images that illustrate the isolation, alienation and sense of drift in contemporary life where we struggle to make sense of the world we inhabit. The old stories no longer suffice and we have no replacement for them. We are lost, far from home, without a sense of belonging.

This fragmented collage of disconnected stories informs the content of 3 very different songs. Each stands alone in style and tone and yet all 3 are fed by the same currents that surface from the canyons of the vast unconscious sea. These are songs of loss and abandonment, sung to the great absence, at the very cave mouth of our future. This is The Orphaned Choir.

The opener, The Loneliest Whale in The World, intends to capture the story of the famous 52 Hertz Whale. A truthful interpretation of an actual occurrence; a solitary whale swims for decades through vast oceans singing in a unique frequency of 52 hertz, a frequency no other whale can hear. The track carries the Leonard Cohen-esque aura, simple arrangement combined with the spoken word creates a dark haunting track, brightened by Mary Greene's vocal. The evocative cello pulls the heart strings and may bring a tear or two into the eye even of those most down to Earth.

In Flowers for Jesus, a pilot flies his plane into a mountain killing all passengers and crew on board. A lone gunman shoots over 500 people at a music festival in Las Vegas before killing himself. These references conjure two random examples of a contemporary epidemic of so called murder - suicides. We comfort ourselves that these men are mad or bad or both. Once again, the powerful vocal delivery and a simple arrangement create a heart-stirring track.

Closing with Silver Zoo, a flotilla of yellow plastic ducks aimlessly circumnavigates the globe. The seas are filled with garbage and the desert is beginning to rust. The flood waters are rising again and a new selection is beginning on ‘lifeboat earth’ to determine who will survive to get a golden ticket to the Silver Zoo. Haunting environmental wake-up call.

The Cohen-esque vibe is present on all three thought-provoking tracks, carrying darkness within.

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