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Pop Wallace - Noises Made Figuring Things Out (EP)

Pop Wallace is a singer/producer from Co. Carlow, Ireland,  currently based in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2013, he moved to the US, after meeting his American wife in Ireland. “I used to write and play a lot. And then I moved to America and… did nothing for eight years. But the pandemic made my friends start making new music. Soon we’re thinking of starting up a label, and last year, I started learning to produce music.” He co-founded Poxy Records in 2020, alongside hip-hop producer Willhouse and songwriter/producer Lenny Melon. “Link Up”, Wallace’s debut single was released in June 2020. It was popular enough to warrant a successful crowdfund for an entire full-length album for Pop Wallace, “Good Boy”, whose limited edition vinyl record became Poxy Records’ first physical release in less than half a year of its existence.

He has received airplay on Cork’s RedFM, John Barker’s Totally Irish Show. on 98FM, and KCLR, and been featured by outlets including Nialler9 and Pop On Down. Wallace has gone on to collaborate prolifically, with other artists on the Irish scene including Cheesmore, Absentee, Sam Healy, Mila Moonlight and WIllhouse. As part of Poxy Records intelligent approach to crafting top-tier Irish R&B and hip-hop, he is fast proving them a force to be reckoned with on the Irish and international scene.

Pop Wallace’s influences include Joji, Frank Ocean, Brockhampton, D’Angelo, Kelis, Justin Timberlake, Blue Hawaii and Craig David. His work thus far has drawn comparisons with artists such as No Rome, Crumb, DIIV, Joji, Frank Ocean and Kean Kavanagh. His music is a blend of emotionally-charged pop and contemporary R&B, most often with a dash of dark wit.

The EP with Resume, ambient electronic track that attacks the listener's imagination and makes you feel the title might have come from here. Isn't it just fascinating overall how artists come up with titles for their tracks?

Waltz with Whoever is more upbeat, almost danceable, with a tasty saxophone solos. S.D.S. continues on the dance vibe, bringing a different dynamic in. We are taken into the club in the depth of the night with this one.

Serial Experiments change the mood into more chilled out with the drumbeat at the start and the guitar picking as the song develops. Another highly atmospheric track that reminds you of a wild mountain stream. These sounds get deep into your bones.

Wet Whistle intrigues with its title. Another upbeat yet atmospheric piece that ends sooner than you would have liked.

Cold Summer is a fitting number to close the collection. Peaceful, meditative, soulful, piano-based track that makes you lost in the music and not to worry about the outside world. Perhaps, as the title of the EP suggests, this helps you "figure things out".

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