Music from the Heart

pMad - Who Am I (single)

Paul Dillon is a solo artist named pMad. Releasing the music from his head out into the wilds of this world!! Starting out with writing and playing with The Suicidal Dufflecoats to The Return of the Suicidal Dufflecoats to The Greeting & now to pMad, Covid-19 strikes and Paul sets up 'The Best of Irish Indie' on Facebook which through the pandemic created many polls that enabled followers to vote for 'The Best Irish Indie Album', The Best Irish Indie Single' and 'The Best Irish Indie Debut Single'. Now that vision of the music in his head is now moving to the outside.

With his debut single "Who Am I" pMad plays strongly with listener's imagination. Not only by presenting an artwork that suggests the darker side of life but by producing a track with truly devilish vibe, both in the lyrics and in the melody. You almost get the sense of the end of the world approaching as you listen. Massively atmospheric piece that wakes up the senses.

"Why do you bring me down
Why do you leave me bound
You’re living a lie
I’m living, you’re dying
You’re living a lie
I’m living, you die"

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