Music from the Heart

pMad - Sisters (single)

Paul Dillon from Portumna, Co. Galway in Ireland is a solo artist professionally known as “pMad”. He is a singer and a songwriter who follows a path of introspection with a unique view of the world & what we are doing to ourselves and the planet. pMad's colorful mix of Gothic Rock, Indie and Post-Punk with a unique and interesting concept, his latest release comes through “Sisters”. The special thing is Paul in bands The Suicidal Dufflecoats to The Greeting & now pMad, records ‘Sisters’ in the middle of a pandemic and it is created in Ireland (self-released on Zedakube Records), in collaboration with Germany (Protonaut Studio) & Mexico (Elith Mastering Labs) without ever being in the same room together.

 ‘Sisters’ by pMad is a simultaneously intense, dark, brooding and yet hopeful. Showcasing high-energy guitars and an organically authentic drum line, “Sisters” is a emotionally warm
indie rock song that boldly presents a post-punk / rock sound and lyrical style. As always pMad has us thinking, with his powerful lyrics, this time on the love & loss of others closest to us.

This the track full of contrasts. Dark and light. The melody presents the dark and the lyrics embody the light. Even behind the deepest sorrow is a silver lining, telling us as long as we remember those we lost they will always be with us. Watching over.

"You said we'd cry

You said we'd cry when you die

Dreaming dreams of dreams

Taken away

Like an ocean wave"

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