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Philip Noone - Say Anything but a Goodbye (single)

Philip Noone is an Irish singer/songwriter based in Doha, Qatar. He has toured the world extensively for the past five years supporting the likes of Boyce Avenue and the Dropkick Murphy’s.His last  single,“The Ballad of Mickey Mòr charted very well in the iTunes chart and his cover of “The Galway Shawl” gathered 7 million views and plays across all social media and online music platforms Although generally Philip would be described as a traditional Irish artist, his latest release “Say Anything but a Goodbye” has ventured further into the melancholic folk realm of music. The song itself is inspired by the largely unspoken subject of the Covid pandemic -  loneliness.

The message is simply “say anything, but please don’t say goodbye”. The violins and cellos were recorded by Newcastle based “Severn Duo”, guitars and drums were recorded in Kiev and Rome respectively and the vocals were recorded, mixed and mastered by Alan Whelan at Solitaire Studio in Ireland. Philip is currently recording his debut album in the hope of an Autumn 2021 release. Philip Noone is managed by Impact Promotions Ireland.

Say Anything but a Goodbye starts on a powerful note even before you hear the vocal. The guitar and strings connect into an evocative backround, the powerful lyrics send shivers down your spine from the first word till the end.  There is a hint of sadness in Noone's vocal, appropriately to the lyrics. The song has a hopeful and encouraging message that nothing is too bad to end things permanently, there is always a way to overcome what's thrown at you.It also highlights the importance of mental heatth and having somebody to talk to.

"the world would spin much slower if you were not around"

"if tearsdrops were strength we'd be the strongest in the world"

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