Music from the Heart

Pete and Tom on Song - When I Gave You My Heart (single)

Pete and Tom are two gentlemen, living and working in Dublin, Ireland. Tom has worked as an actor, songwriter, playwright, producer and theatre director over the years while Pete has written songs, played in various bar bands. Back in the 80’s Pete played bass in Tom’s spectacularly unsuccessful band. The band failed on such a scale that even in the age of the internet its name remains unrecorded and forgotten.

Pete and Tom stayed in touch over the years and more recently Tom had asked Pete to play guitar for some plays he had written and produced from time to time, as a result of which they both discovered that they had failed to mature as normal adult males do, could not face “golf” and had no interest in any of the other “grown up” activities normally available to older men (Mediterranean cruises, share portfolios, commercial property investment, vintage cars, yachting, diamond pattern V neck pullovers or Heritage Hotel weekends). In fairness they couldn’t afford most of that stuff anyway.

So, they decided to return to what they had started instead and this is the result.“You’re a Cad” was their first release and the video which is gathering views apace on YouTube demonstrated their theatrical side. (Available on Spotify and other platforms and on CD)

“Sweet Matilda” following soon after, displays disarming warmth and is very much in the pop idiom. Likewise, the video is available on YouTube. (Available on Spotify and other platforms)

“The Bottom Floor” which has just been released on Spotify and other platforms, shows Pete and Tom in more introspective mood with the song being driven by melodic and pulsating guitars. The video has just been uploaded to YouTube.

Pete & Tom On Song are continuing to write, record and produce songs and will do so until death, disinterest, ridicule or an application under Part 2 of the Mental Health Act 2001 puts a stop to it all.

Their latest release When I Gave You My Heart is a mellow country ballad. Slightly romantic with hints of nostalgia, this track is a trip down the memory lane ("there was music in The Baggot Inn"). It even starts with a sound that resembles a coin thrown in a jukebox. The violin brightens the mood a bit but also adds certain sadness that remains hanging in the air. What makes this song different from others of a similar style is the spoken word. It takes the impact of the lyrics to another level. And the impact is there long after the song stops playing.

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