Music from the Heart

Pete and Tom on Song - Night's Closing In (single)

Pete and Tom On Song (Pete Nugent and Tom O'Brien) returned to writing and playing music in 2019 and after a long hiatus away from the music scene and incredibly they are releasing their 13th single.

"Night's Closing In' is a catchy pop/folk gem from the maestros of melody.  With the wonderful addition of internationally renowned violinist Aingeala De Búrca and the engineering, co-production and mastering of Graham Watson at Floodplain Studios, the duo have created another memorable song.

Dark, melancholic. vintage-sounding track would rank among the best from the duo yet. Seemingly simple, there are various layers that you uncover, layers that open your own emotional closet. The trademark sound and arrangement help the overall impact. The ending is cut too quickly, leaves you feeling there are things left unsaid, leaving your mind to wander.

"The end of love and life is coming. If you still have so much you want to say, don't end it this way."

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