Music from the Heart

Paul Tiernan - The Invisible Man

This musical chameleon enjoys the recording process and the new album, The Invisible Man, is no exception. The colours change from one song to the next and always fit the surroundings. You can feel and hear the jazzy influence in every single one.

Dust features catchy lines  "where are my babies, where are my children, what have you done with them? Whatever you started will never be finished. Nothing you can do can bring them back..."  You can nearly touch the emotions in Paul's vocal here but the perfect instrumentation of the song doesn't make it a tearful tune at all.

Another colour Paul shows us on the album is the colour of integrity and The deepest secret is a clear example of that. You believe every word you hear, never doubt it.

If you thought those lines in Dust were catchy, then Scratching an Itch will get you entirely. The second shortest song on the album but with the capability of getting into your head and staying there till it's replaced by another song.

Pilgrims hill starts out as a romantic ballad before turning into something different a dealing with more serious themes  " we give too little but we take too much...everyone kills the thing they love...."

 This album shows certainly more colours of Paul Tiernan than just the six strings of his guitar.

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