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Partland - Don't Shoot Me Those Baby Blues (single)

Partland is the stage name of Galway based singer songwriter and artist Thomas McPartland. Partland has gigged in various countries such as Canada, Germany, France, Scotland and England over the years, including support slots with the likes of Damien Dempsey, Ham Sandwich, Picturehouse and Heathers. His first album, 'Sing Me to Shore' was released in Summer '16, and was featured as Internationally renowned songwriter Charlie McGettigan's Album of the Month on his radio show. Forthcoming album 'The Empty Atlantic' will come with quite a unique feature, in that the songwriter has also created a music video for each song. This gives an extra cinematic dimension into the storytelling of each song, creating a visual world in addition to the listening experience.

A love note to Galway, the song and also the music video tells of bumping into an ex-girlfriend randomly and proceeding to have a catch up conversation, reminiscing on the good times. But before you can muster up the courage to ask to go for a coffee and catch up properly, you realize you've walked her to her new boyfriend's house. The baby blues in question refers to the girl's eyes. The male character concedes she has moved on and is ready to accept that, just as long as she doesn't shoot him the look that he fell in love with in the first place. The song and the video feature many landmarks of Galway.

Starting on a nostalgic note, the track turns into a catchy number as it develops. Partland shows his vocal range towards the end and his gift for storytelling is evident throughout.

"Now you're leaving and I don't blame you but before you do

Don't you shoot me those baby blues"

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