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Partland - After the Movie (single)

Based in Galway, Thomas McPartland has been writing and performing for over 15 years. Gigging all over Ireland and further afield, he has supported the likes of Damien Dempsey, Ham Sandwitch, Picturehouse, and Heathers. His debut full-length release as Partland, ‘Sing Me to Shore’ received critical acclaim featuring on Charlie McGettigan’s radio show as his Album of the Month. McPartland’s artistry has stretched from the sonic elements into new creative realms, thanks to the time bestowed by Lockdown. His next full-length will be a visual album, each track accompanied by a stop-motion music video put together by hand by McPartland himself. Originally only intended for the four singles, the artist then decided to go all out, spending roughly 80 hours on the resulting venture.Currently putting the finishing touches to the album, Partland’s sophomore album ‘The Empty Atlantic’ will be released toward the end of the year.

Indie-pop/Folk songwriter Partland’s upcoming single, ‘After The Movie’, is a sonic telling of untold endings, about the reality of love that maybe movie magic doesn't completely dictate.

Recorded a year ago and delayed due to Lockdown, the more time that the artist was left to sit with the song, the more it evolved. Its original mood was indie, but with  valuable input from producer Dave Skelton (Amy Dillon, Conor Ward), a more upbeat, modern rock sound took form.

Borne out of Partland’s musings on the fairy-tale story arc of romantic films, ‘After The Movie’ considers what happens after the couple overcome their struggles and get their happy ending. Once the credits stop rolling, do they stay together?

The full, cinematic production carries the powerful emotions attached to these unanswered questions as the songwriter’s lyrics fill in the blanks: ‘Please don’t let this be your final act… / Oh darlin we could just pretend / Or is this how It ends?’

In keeping with its movie origins, the single is as much about the visuals as it is the sound. Lockdown gave the musician the time to focus on other aspects of the art – he hand-created a stop-motion video for each and every song on the forthcoming album, ‘The Empty Atlantic’. The accompanying visuals for ‘After The Movie’ illustrates the couple’s trajectory, their movie-based expectations and the sometimes painful reality.

" Please don't let this be your final act

But you've left it all so matter of fact

You sent me home on the 401

Are you mine after the movie?

Oh darlin we could just pretend

Or is this how It ends?"

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