Music from the Heart

Paradox - All Life Matters (single)

Cork based alternative rock band Paradox has been on the music scene for twenty years. They have released five albums to date. Hugely influenced by the Grunge Era of the 90's they later found their own sound and kept developing it. Powerful lyrics and timeless music has granted them success on both sides of the Atlantic.

Their new single All Life Matters has been long-anticipated and follows the last album Chapters released in 2015. The ballad talks about current media climate, criticising it.  When you pay attention to lyrics, it feels depressing to some degree but shockingly direct and accurate ( the world decay, I've seen enough....there is a white man in his suit, he's laying down the rules...). You might get the feeling of slight resemblance to Metallica, at least soundwise. But Paradox maintain their independence.
The listener finds himself asking an obvious question: what kind of world are we living in? Can anything be done to change it?

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