Music from the Heart

Padraig Jack - Can't Find My Way Home (single)

Born and raised in Gaelic speaking island of 800 people in the west of Ireland, Padraig Jack is proud of his heritage and showing it by recording songs in both English and Irish.

Padraig started writing songs in his early 20s and then found the calling in songwriting, spent considerable amount of time learning the craft and discovering his own voice but the result is worth all the time spent.

His latest single, Can´t Find My Way Home is a story of a captain of a trawler that is sinking. The story is based on events that happened near Aran islands a few years ago.

The song feels like a ballad, with guitar and piano as the main instruments, dragging the listener deep into the feelings of a man completely lost at sea with no help on the horizon. The drums later join in and the whole dynamic changes.

You can hear the passion for exploring in Padraig's voice.

Prepare to be moved.

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