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Owen Denvir - This Could Be Love (single)

With over 100,000 streams on Spotify, combined video views of over 2 million, music shared by Coldplay and supporting the legend Dodie……Belfast born Owen Denvir at only 29 has asserted himself as one of the finest singer-songwriters around. Over the course of the next 12 months, Denvir will be releasing a trilogy of EPs: "Sticks", "Stones" and "Bones", which encompass Freud's theory of personality (3 individual parts which form one whole). Lead singles from "Sticks" ("Ghost" & "Stay") have topped the "RTÉ Radio One Recommends" playlist and were selected by Spotify for Irish curated playlist "An Alternative Eire". This Could Be Love is the first single from the upcoming EP Stones which will be released on May 29th.

The track, recorded in current situation of lockdown mainly in his home studio, features Denvir's trademark vocals, more quiet in the verses and stronger in the chorus. The song tells a romantic story where the singer wonders, as the title suggests, whether there's a potential relationship with someone he, in the end, can't have. Some might see such theme as a cliché, as there had been tens of thousands songs about the same thing but in this case it's Denvir's vocal and his ability to draw you closer like you were part of the story what makes it stand out.

There is one more thing that makes you wanna dig deeper into Denvir's work and that's the honesty pouring out of every word. Even in a pop ballad like this so even when romantic songs aren't your cup of tea, the overall arrangement of This Could Be Love might slightly change your mind.

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