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Oscar Wilkins - Bridges (single)

Oscar Wilkins is a 22 year old up and coming Irish artist from Dublin. "Bridges" is his debut single. Oscar attended the rock school in Ballyfermot (BCFE) and performed some gigs at an amateur/semi professional level with the Rock school and he is looking to continue playing live in the future when he has a steady repertoire of songs.

He comes from a musical family and music was always around him growing up and growing up he played in bands and sang in choirs etc in school before attending (BCFE) to learn from the best. Now he is taking the first steps as a solo artist in the hopes of turning his biggest passion in life into a full time career. Oscar  hopes to  one day play live in a venue in Dublin attracting the interest of musicians and people in the industry both here in Ireland and abroad.

Oscar’s music style is a mix of R ‘n’ B, electronic, synth pop, soul and dance.  ‘Bridges’ is a melancholic electronic R ‘n’ B song which Oscar says is "about self reflection, trying to find out who you are and moving forward with your life but I guess trying to say it in a straight up way’

Dreamy sound gets the listener intrigued but what truly attracts the attention here in Wilkins' high pitched vocal showing a great range, distinctive tone not reminiscent of anyone else. We all know we sometimes need to burn various bridges in our lives in order to grow. It ain't easy at times but Wilkins encourages us to look ahead and not back.

"I remember when all the walls came falling down

I never ran away I stood my ground"


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