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One Morning in August - Moment (single)

Moment is the highly anticipated new single from One Morning in August. Following on from this year’s earlier single and widely acclaimed ‘A Wasted Love’ we get another taste of what is in store when the Southeast of Ireland based outfit unleash their second album early in the new year.

One Morning in August, once again teamed up with producer and long-time collaborator David Ayers for their latest release and he will remain at the controls for their forth coming long player. ‘Moment’ is the bands fourth offering since joining forces with Cork independent label FIFA Records, following on from the aforementioned ‘A Wasted Love, ‘Get It Right’ and ‘Lovers By Surprise’. ‘Moment' is a song imagining someone who has passed away having a conversation with those left behind and is the perfect example of how the band’s sound is evolving and why they have an ever-growing fan base both at home and further afield.The single will be exclusively available Bandcamp and  Their critically acclaimed eponymous debut album along with their entire back catalogue is available via Bandcamp.

Moment is a beautifully atmospheric track where the guitars paint a bright soundscape, fresh as summer rain. It develops into more upbeat when the drums join in. A few simple yet impactful lines complete it all. Almost meditative melody makes you reflect and appreciate the "moments" in your life.

The band are currently in the process of recording their second album which is due for release on FIFA Records early 2023.

"you needed this to pass you by, I never meant to change your life"

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