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One Morning in August - Local Minor Superstar (single)

The Southeast of Ireland based outfit once again teamed up with producer David Ayers for their latest release and is the perfect example of how the band’s sound is evolving and why they continue to garner plaudits both at home and further afield. Theirs is a sound that channels heart felt visceral hooks with beautiful, layered melodies and harmonies so there is little wonder why their David Ayers produced eponymous debut album was received with such widespread critical acclaim on its release in 2020 and why their new album is so eagerly anticipated.

The single will initially be released as a Bandcamp and Minm exclusive on May 5th and will be released across all streaming platforms on May 12th. Introducing their indie rock sound with this layered personable release, they came up with another memorable piece. 

Throughout the song however, one question remains: who is this song about? But to quote "Bohemian Rhapsody" movie, "it ruins the mystery if everything is explained"

Their debut album and back catalogue is available to order via Bandcamp.

The second album ‘Another Morning’ is due for release on Aug 25th

"too cool for school

you think you are some kind of

Local Minor Superstar"

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