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One Morning in August - Get it Right (single)

Following  last year’s critically acclaimed self-titled debut album, which received a massive response on the airwaves both in Ireland and internationally, One Morning in August, from Carlow, return with their highly anticipated new single 'Get it Right'. The southeast of Ireland based outfit once again teamed up with producer David Ayers for their latest release, their first offering since joining forces with Cork independent label FIFA Records. 'Get it Right' is the perfect example of how the band’s sound is evolving and why they have been ear marked by so many as ones to watch in 2021. Theirs is a sound that channels heartfelt visceral hooks with beautiful layered melodies and harmonies so there is little wonder why their David Ayers produced eponymous debut album was received with such widespread critical acclaim.

The single will initially be released as a Bandcamp exclusive om March 5th. The band are currently in the process of recording their second album again with David Ayers at the controls which will be released on FIFA Records later in 2021.

The track has Nick Cave-esque feel about it, quite a change in the sound for the band yet it works perfectly. Even the atmospheric instrumental opening reminds the listener of the magic Warren Ellis is capable of. The vocal strongly resembles the Australian Prince of Darkness, this style may perhaps atract new following to the Carlow outfit. Despite the funereal vibe to the melody the lyrics are more positive, carrying an encouraging message of never giving up and  "keep on going" . The contrast is refreshing, like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Find a little teaser of the song below, the full version is on Bandcamp as mentioned above.

"Need to somehow refrain
From all this dwelling on pain
Gotta get the mood
And find the time
For yourself"

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