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One Flew Over - Maybe in Another Lifetime (single)

One Flew Over are a County Meath, Ireland,  based music duo composed of Irene Ní Chuinn and Martin Quinn. Formed in 2019, their sound, with strong melodies and weighty arrangements has been described as containing influences of Rock, Rhythm & Blues and Soul. Ní Chuinn, a session vocalist and the main lyricist for the duo was introduced to Quinn through JAM recording studios and a songwriting partnership was born. Martin Quinn is a multi-instrumentalist with guitar as primary instrument and is owner and music producer at JAM Studios in County Meath.

Their third single Maybe In Another Lifetime is a song about losing somebody and processing through the aftermath. The song slows the tempo of previous releases and marks a solemn and raw sentiment, underpinned by an upfront and candid vocal with a stripped back accompaniment.

The veil of sorrow weights heavily on the vocal delivery and appropriately so. The somber arrangement projects all the feelings we all know because we all went through similar scenario in our own lives. This is that kind of song that makes you think. The strings enhance the depth of the subject matter, turning our attention inwards.  However, there is a hint of hope within this poignant track, trying to suggest that the end is not a definitive one, not only there might be something afterwards (if you are inclined to believe it) but the song also conveys the idea that if you cannot talk about something so deeply personal, write it down. It resonates even more.

"I feel you break away

It all comes crashing down

There’s nothing left to say

There’s only silence now"

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