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Novacain - Shine On Me (single)

It’s indie rock’n’roll. But I’d like to believe it’s different to anything else out there right now.” These are the words of Lloyd Lock, guitarist for NovacainThe band officially formed in 2020, but these four friends have been playing venues together in various bands across Portsmouth and beyond, forming part of the fabric of their local rock scene for more than seven years now.

Shine On Me is a classic summer vibe, indie pop banger; with shades of Two Door Cinema club, the Cure and The Beatles.  The 2000’s indie meets blues rock n roll sound of the song make it incredibly addictive and it would not sound out of place on the Inbetweeners soundtrack.  Lyrically, it is a juxtaposition to the summary sound of music, with the person in question reflecting on their downfall after being stuck on a negative train of thought.  The upbeat music is them projecting this happy version of themselves to the world, while secretly seeking help.  The chorus draws to a close with a glimmer of hope, as there is a belief that they have great potential if someone can just project some positive vibes on them.

I need a resurrection for my pride/I’m like a treasure chest hidden at the bottom of the sea, so shine on me,” Daniel McTaggart sings in the chorus.

The voice is reassuring, without being preachy. Shine On Mehas rebellion in its veins, but doesn’t feel like conscription to a cause. This is a catch-free celebration of freedom. Novacain have put together a proper summer anthem for those ready for good weather - not just for the body, but for the heart and soul too.

"I used to rise from the crowds with my head in the clouds, worshiped like a superstar,

Now I’m a king with no crown, in a one horse town, looking for some answers while I’m propping up the bar"

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