Music from the Heart

Nina Hynes - Raging Fire & Sanctuary

Berlin-based Irish musician Nina Hynes in a well-known name on the Irish music scene.She has toured in America and Europe and has played many supports including Roxy Music, Terry Callier, Smog, Stereolab, Cat Power, Julee Cruise, David Gray, Glen Hansard, Damien Rice. In recent years, Nina has performed with many choirs including children and adults. She has taken part in Art exhibitions with photographic images, sonic installations and soundtrack work. Nina has a 2 year diploma in sound engineering and music technology. 

One of her  latest EPs entitled Raging Fire features four tracks lead by the title song which features contributions from husband Fabien Leseure or Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames). Hynes' vocal is smooth and easily recognizable. 

Fuse is a hugely atmospheric track that has a quite dark or sad aura about it and Nina's vocal just highlights the emotions there. Haunting.

Title track of the EP has a different sound than the previously mentioned song, more joyful and optimistic. The music paints a beautiful picture and you can vividly imagine the fires and the flames while listening to this tune.

The second EP is called Sanctuary and the music plays with listener's imagination again. Buds of Spring evokes the world of Irish myths and legends.

The overall sound on Sanctuary is more joyful but still quite mystical, calling the spirits in..

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