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Nicolaas Walle And Friends - This Is Me Telling You (single)

Nicolaas Walle & Friends is a project led by Irish-Dutch multi-instrumentalist Nicolaas Walle. It is inspired in concept by projects such as the Alan Parsons Project. He produces, mixes and masters. And he invites artists to collaborate and contribute lyrics and vocal performances. The project’s intent is to let as many shine as possible, and to create strange new blends of sound through the power of collaboration.  The Irish-Dutch multi-instrumentalist is set to launch his new album, featuring guest performances from a variety of talented young Irish artists. ‘This Is Me Telling You’ is the first single from the project, starring Ciara Adamson. "My mom is Irish. She’s from Glasnevin. My dad is Dutch. They got me a guitar when I was 10.” Nicolaas Walle’s conversational style is direct and to-the-point, like his songcraft.

I’ve always loved the experimentation of prog rock, but I also wanted to make music that could connect with people easily. So the experiment of this project is bringing many different people together to create it. The experiment is all in the collaboration, the mix of styles.”

Walle is logical yet bright and hopeful – a unique and instantly intriguing combination. Now he has set his attitude and outlook to bringing others in, letting a variety of voices shine, using the platform his talents and skills provide.

This Is Me Telling Youblends synthesised drums and keys, alongside scorching guitar-work reminiscent of Gary Moore and Mark Knopfler. All is woven through with newcomer Ciara Adamson’s deft songwriting contribution, who serves up her guest appearance with a gritty, tight vocal performance. All production, mixing and mastering is stunningly by Nicolaas Walle himself, who is a testament both to himself and to the Creative Music Production course at IADT, which is showing promise as a growing source of contenders on the new Irish music production scene.

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