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Nicha - Saltwater Song (single)

nicha is a 23-year-old Northern Irish native, born and raised in Holywood, Co. Down and also known as Lucy Robinson. In July 2020 nicha took the scene by storm with her debut single Devices – a song about our society being addicted to our phones. She has a series of exciting releases on the horizon. nicha has been about for a mere hot minute and has already been critically acclaimed by some big names, drawing attention from BBC Radio Ulster’s Stephen McCauley, RTE 2 FM’s Dan Hegarty, RTE 2XM, Hot Press and more. nicha’s Hendrix, Dylan and Marley fuelled childhood have created the basis of her musical palette. These days she’s listens to a cocktail of artists from a mixture of genres including pop, folk, electronic, hip hop and indie. She takes inspiration from the likes of Tash Sultana, Loyle Carner, Jack Johnson, Bonobo and Jamie xx.

With her clever lyrics laced with subtle humour and soothing voice, nicha captivates you and speaks to you. She writes about her own personal struggles as well as those of friends and family. In her music, she talks about people, mental health, environmental issues and the world as it is around us. nicha aims to help people and draw awareness to current issues we face day to day in a powerful yet easy-listening way.

nicha’s heart lies in Belfast but already her music has taken her around the world. When she finished school at 18, she packed up her guitar and headed to Australia where she busked around the cities of Sydney and Melbourne and taught kids how to sail on the side. From playing in any open mic night she could find she secured a few residencies in Melbourne and a slot at the renowned St Kilda Twilight Market. nicha stopped in Nepal on the way home playing a few tunes in Katmandu and ended up living there for a month and a half. “My time travelling around Australia and Nepal taught me so much about people, cultures, independence and myself. It gave me a lot of inspiration and insight into other people’s lifestyles and ways of thinking giving me a lot to write about.” – nicha.

Musically, Saltwater Song is a dreamy track, slow-paced, letting nicha's distinctive deep vocal show what she's capable of.  There's certain aura about the song that may give some listeners an uneasy feeling. It's about the not-so-good relationship and the decision to leave. Chilling line "And I feel like I’m swallowed, the fear is so hollow" gives the listener a perfect idea about the sentiment expressed.

 "You never sweared, hand on your heart

Now you bear a coat of arms while we fall apart"

 Artwork: Leo Boyd

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