Music from the Heart

nicha - Little bird (single)

nicha is a 23 year old Northern Irish native, born and raised in Holywood, Co. Down and also known as Lucy Robinson. In July 2020 nicha took the scene by storm with her debut single Devices – a song about our society being addicted to our phones. She has a series of exciting releases on the horizon. nicha has been about for a mere hot minute and has already been critically acclaimed by some big names, drawing attention from BBC Radio Ulster’s Stephen McCauley, RTE 2 FM’s Dan Hegarty, RTE 2XM, Hot Press and more.

Her second single, Little bird, is an ode to the sufferers of mental and physical domestic abuse. A haunting melody with nicha's remarkable vocal shining above, there's a silver lining behind and rays of hope break through. Little bird represents fragility innocence of someone who wants to break free from an abusive relationship and has the inside strength to do so.

There's so much maturity about nicha both lyrically and vocally that you'll find it hard to believe she's just starting out.

" Her patience was wearing thin
He left scars upon her skin
Imprisoned in his sin
Her innocence"

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