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Niall Connolly brings Ireland to Olomouc

Irish singer/songwriter Niall Connolly is well known among Czech audience. And people love him. So no wonder that when he came to play in Olomouc on Tuesday, February 16th so many people gathered in Kulturní centrum ArtUm that the organizers were forced to move the event to a bigger space than planned.

The people of Olomouc aren't afraid to sing…

Connolly himself was joking during the soundcheck that he's very popular over here so that's why we had to move. It was clear from the very beginning that the people of Olomouc like to attend cultural events and they know what they came to see. And good news for every musician – the locals aren't afraid to sing along when they're asked to do so. The opportunity arose right with the opening song and the perfect result was achieved not only by the number of people present but also by the acoustics of the place.

…and clap even they don't have to…

The quiet tunes altered with those more energetic and Connolly surely showed the scale of his voice and he didn't leave any doubt he's also the master of playing the guitar. Even the invitation for this concert promised that the guitar is the domain of this Irishman originally from Cork but who's been living in New York for a long time. He also tested a brand-new song inspired by recent events in Paris and the audience was asked to clap only in case they like the song. In the end everyone was clapping so the result is clear.

The highlight of the night was a cooperation between the singer and the audience in a song "The boys are in the kitchen" where Niall turned into an acrobat by jumping up the table and singing from there. He walked through the whole venue while singing this song and closed the whole evening with the Irish traditional song "The parting glass."
Everything you enjoy flies by really quickly and this concert was no exception. You even felt like in an Irish pub while singing along. The mutual satisfaction suggests we should look forward to seeing this charismatic artist soon again.


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