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Neolithic - Thots (single)

Dublin-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Neolithic (Neo Morake) is set to release his second solo single, “Thots.” He has been active in the Irish music scene for over a decade with several projects including his band Nobody’s Heroes, as a well known busker, and now his solo project. A laid back beat made up of layered guitars and vocals meets Neolithics’s signature playful swagger. His quick and clever flow amplifies the groove as he raps and sings about experiences he’s had as well as his evolving identity as an artist.

He says, “Growing up with my name I’ve been referenced to the Matrix a lot. Neo’s task was to mess up the system so that’s what I’m gonna do.  It's also a kind of post-introduction-intro into my rap side with Lithic as an alter ego of Neolithic. It’s my own way of saying “hey world, I’m ready. Let’s do this…” you know?”

 He goes on to say, “This side of my music is really about letting loose and being free with yourself. The song really is about feeling goofy, it’s also about some odd moments, particular sessions that I’ve had in the past. Thoughts of those memories - even the freshest - get you feeling good.”

The song was recorded and produced by Neolithic in his home studio. The hard hitting explicit lines cut to the core, the self-confidence comes across very well, it could be summed up as "no regrets" attitude. There are autobiographical elements in the lyrics as well, such as "Started at zero I'm not doing too basic, From Ireland, I'm Neo & I'm screwing the matrix."

"I'm the heathen from Whelan's

Lyrical dirt friend on workmans

With the wonder sounds in underground's

The freedom in Stevens Green

Satirical seasons with your friends"

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