Music from the Heart

Nathalie King - Break Away (single)

Nathalie King is a singer/songwriter from Germany with French and Vietnamese roots who also lives in Toronto, Canada. She is an award-winning artist who has been writing songs with powerful themes such as lost love, regret or abuse which captivate her audience.

They say the darkest times can be the source of the greatest work of art. This is without doubt the case of King's new single Break Away, written in the darkest times of singer's life. King turned all the sadness and negativity into a beautiful piece of work that makes you feel the pain but at the same time makes you wanna get away from it and at the same time makes you believe this is not the end, something can be done with the whole situation.

Break Away is the first of the single releases before Nathalie King comes with her EP in the summer of this year. Her vocal is deep and evocative and leaves long-lasting impression in the listener.

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