Music from the Heart

Natalie Moran - My Ambition (single)

Natalie Moran is an Irish Dublin based pop singer-song writer. Natalie’s debut single, ‘My Ambition’  will be followed by more new releases as she debuts as an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Natalie’s vocals are a mix of power pop with soothing tones and the ability to reach those lighter high notes allowing for a perfect mix to enlighten the soul or calm the heart.

Her inspiration to write often comes from her environment or from those around her making her artistry open to be relatable to a wide variety of people. Her goal is to take listeners on a journey when they listen to her music.

Moran shows her potential with My Ambition, catchy pop tune with interesting melodic ideas, she lets the soulful tones in her voice shine and shows the world what she's about. The track seems simple, memorable hooks will grab the listener's attention. It's a bit difficult to understand the words she sings and it would help if we knew the content but this is definitely not a bad way to introduce yourself on the music scene.

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